Frequently Asked Questions

What are services Altilite does?
Altilite provides an useful and customized language switcher for BigCommerce stores. It is includes connection to the cloud translation provider, storing and management translated content.
How does Altilite translating web pages?
Machine translation. We provides access to the our internal translation database and to the cloud translation provider for new content. Once translated your content will be stored in the database for quick access.
I found error in the translation. Can I fix it?
Unfortunately, but no. We do not accept users for edit machine translation. However, you can contact us for review and correct the translation, also you can order the professional translation for your pages.
What is primary benifits of Altilite?
We made many optimizations, such as storing a translated words on client-side and direct connection to the translations provider, for making faster and most reliable machine translation.
Also, we working for following best practicies in design multilingual applications.
Can I use Altilite for free?
Altilite has 7-days trial period with some restrictions.
What's restrictions on trial period?
It is 300 API requests per day and only 3 active languages. It is enough for complete testing and for serving few visitors every day. If you need more for testing, please, contact us.
How many languages I can use?
Up to 7 of 63, include the original page language.
What is the icon on the button?
The copyright and hassle free Language Icon ( has been designed in 2011 by Designer Farhat Datta.
Can I show English-written languages names or set up the national flag for languages?
No. By following best practices of multilingual design, we allowing to show native language names only. Same way the national flags are not represents languages. There is number of countries are speaks more than one language, and some languages are popular in few countries same time.

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